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Dragonfly: A Rotorcraft Lander for Saturn’s Moon Titan

Dragonfly is NASA’s most recently selected “New Frontiers” planetary science mission that will exploit Titan’s low gravity and dense atmosphere to fly to many different sites on Titan using eight rotors. It will explore Titan’s diverse surface composition and perform geomorphological, Meteorological, and geophysical studies.

Nasledujúci webinár bude o rotorcrafte, ktorý NASA vyšle na Saturnov mesiac Titan. O misii Dragonfly nám porozpráva Ralph Lorenz z Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Ten je autorom jej konceptu a pôsobí ako Mission Architect Dragonfly projektu.

NASA Dragonfly mission profile
Dragonfly (Credit: NASA press release 17-101, public domain)

About the speaker

Ralph Lorenz worked as an engineer for the European Space Agency on the design of the Huygens probe to Saturn’s moon Titan, and as a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona, and since 2006, at the JHU Applied Physics Lab. His activities have centered on Titan, Cassini-Huygens, and future missions there, but his interests include Mars, Venus, dust devils, sand dunes, and aerospace systems. He is associated with NASA’s InSight and Perseverance missions at Mars and the Japanese Venus orbiter Akatsuki and is the Mission Architect for Dragonfly. He is author or co-author of nine books including “Lifting Titan’s Veil”, “Spinning Flight”, “Exploring Planetary Climate”, and “Space Systems Failures”, as well as over 300 journal publications.

Date and time of the event: Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at 16:00

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