The Swarm mission and recent changes in the Earth’s magnetic field

at 15:00,

The Swarm mission is exploring the Earth’s magnetic field. No space explorations of the Earth’s magnetic field has done this in detail so far. The webinar will discuss this interesting mission and shed light on current changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, including the rapid movement of the North Magnetic Pole and the increase in…

PLATO, a space mission to search for new worlds

at 15:00,

Are there other worlds in the universe similar to the Earth? Is there life in the universe? These are the questions we have been asking ourselves for centuries. If you were looking for questions, which we want to know the answer to more than these two, you would not find many. In recent decades, we have gradually learned…

Webinar: Euclid – discovering the dark side of the universe

at 15:00,

The following webinar will be devoted to the probably biggest question of the current science. The question of what our universe is from. We don’t know about the vast majority of the universe. 95 percent of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy. What is dark matter and energy is an open question that…

Webinar: The SMILE mission: A novel way to study solar-terrestrial interactions

at 15:00,

The fifth lecture-webinar of TUKE Space Forum will be dedicated to the SMILE ESA mission. If you look at all European Space Agency missions, SMILE is definitely the one with the most beautiful name šŸ™‚ Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Co-leader of the SMILE, will present the SMILE mission. Featured image credit: ESA/ATG medialab Title of the lecture:…

Webinar: SOFIA, observatory between Sky and Earth

at 16:00,

The fourth lecture-webinar of TUKE Space Forum will be dedicated to the unique observatory called SOFIA. See for yourself, the big telescope aboard the Boeing 747 is a technological delicacy that is hard to see. SOFIA brings together the advantages of space and ground telescopes in one. Bernhard Schulz, Deputy Science Mission Operations Director of…